• Pixie Manor Doll Houses - Unfinished Samples

    We have some unfinished samples available for DIY lovers. They are fully finished on the outside but need a bit of work indoors to leave them in to...
  • Making our toys safe for your children

    Our products have been tested for children older than 3 years of age, and they have not only passed the tests with flying colours but we have over tested them for greater peace of mind.  

  • How to choose a doll for your child

    They are all lovely, which one to buy? If you are reading this it’s a good sign. It means you are a conscious buyer that puts thought on every purc...
  • Rattan -An Eco friendly alternative to plastic toys

    What is actually rattan? Find out about the nature and the history of this material and why it's so relevant in this day and age.