How to choose a doll for your child

They are all lovely, which one to buy?

If you are reading this it’s a good sign. It means you are a conscious buyer that puts thought on every purchase. But if the question never occurred to you, don’t be alarmed. It’s one of those many decisions about parenthood that you had no idea you had to take until you get there. I have been there myself!

To keep this short and sweet I would say you need a doll that looks like your child and another one that’s completely different. It’s important for every child to feel that they belong, but it’s equally important to introduce diversity into your household and normalise disability from an early age. Anything your children see at home becomes their ‘normal’.

Also, the moment you give a child two dolls they start practicing role play. With one doll there’s mostly a nurturing game happening, but if you give your little one two dolls they immediately start another level of social play. Holding one on each hand and pretending they talk to one another, or hug, or kiss!

We have a full range of dolls of different ethnicities in boy and girl version, so plenty of options for you to chose your favourite one

Happy shopping!