Pixie Manor Doll Houses - Unfinished Samples

We have some unfinished samples available for DIY lovers. They are fully finished on the outside but need a bit of work indoors to leave them in top shape, that's why we are selling them at 60% of retail price €225

This design was one of the products I was most excited about, but working remotely, during the pandemic, with a team on the other side of the world, doesn't always go smoothly and we only received a few unfinished samples 

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And that's what we did. We turned the situation around and found a way to show you how wonderful they can be, in order to try to give these beauties a home. As they are unfinished samples they are not considered toys and therefore can not be certified as such.

They are so beautiful and if you are willing to do a tiny bit of DIY you'll have a stunning handcrafted wooden and rattan dollhouse for fraction of the normal retail price with the added bonus of adding your bespoke personal touch.

Here's a step by step guide to amp up your doll house in no time, and with tools you have at home or that can find in any DIY store.

You can do as much or as little as you wish, but please ensure all the unfinished edges are smoothed with sandpaper or a Dremel

You will need:

- Pritt Sticks or paper/wooden glue

- Textured wallpaper, we specifically linked the textured wallpaper. You can buy by meters in most shops. Making this very affordable. We used Superfresco Aaron Stone Textured Paintable Wallpaper from Woodies

- Fine Sanding Paper 120grs

- Wood Filler

- A retractive knife

- Small Precision Screwdriver


To smoothen any possible rough sources, and edges, use a fine grain sand paper or sponge. Have a good look all around the house and sand where needed. A little bit will do, don't go overboard. Any splinters can also be cut with nail clippers before sanding. This job will help you identify any areas that might need a small repair. 


If there's any areas of the wood that needs a gap small repair, wood filler in natural colour (pine light oak) will do just the job. It dries in 2h and it can be sanded, painted, varnished, screwed on... etc. If the surface repaired turns out too light you can oil it slightly. 

Before After



You can leave it as is or you can paint or put wallpaper to personalise it, in particular, the doors.  You can either mimic on the door the same look inside that specific room (like a bathroom wallpaper), We went for wallpapering the inside of the 3 doors in a paper that kind of replicates but actually complements the rattan floors. We will probably paint the inside walls and ceilings at some point so we went for a textured paintable wallpaper that will allow this in the future. 

Step 1 - To prepare for wallpapering, the doors need to come off the hinges. A small screwdriver will be needed to do so. Mine have magnetic tips and they are SO handy. Do a light sand on the area and wipe with a dry cloth.

Step 2- Cut the piece of paper with a measure slightly bigger than the piece you are going to wallpaper. You can use scissors for this. Try to make use of one corner of the roll so that you don't have to trim those two sides later.

Step 3- Instead of wallpaper paste, for projects like this Pritt Sticks work juts fine and it's less messy. Remember you are glueing paper on wood. it will stick easily. Apply the glue all around the perimeter of the doors and around windows and the main doors. Be generous in corners, Inside you can just zig zag with the pritt stick.

- Step 4 - Place the wallpaper on top of the glued surface and slide in place. Press all the areas of the perimeter and around doors and windows to ensure proper adhesion.

- Step 5- Cut the excess on the edges with a retractible blade or Stanley knife. Also and around doors and windows ,following the shape. Use a new blade. Cut decisively and in one or two strokes on the rounders surfaces to avoid tears in the paper.

- Step 6 - Final Touches. If the edges of the wallpaper around windows or doors don't get sealed properly you can use a brush to apply more pritt where needed, and press firmly for a few seconds.

- Step 7 - Check each hinge edge to see are the hinges smooth enough, if they are not rounded and smooth to the touch use a metal file or Dremel which will easily and quickly get them to smoothed out and much safer to touch.

Finally, you can use the wood filler paste to fill gaps between the doors and the wallpaper.

You will be amazed of how little is needed to obtain great results. We like a bit of DIY and really enjoyed this project for the holidays.