Little AngelRose Ethos

Quality, Design, Kindness, Sustainability, Inclusiveness


I'm Angels, a mum of 2 beautiful girls living in Dublin. Little AngelRose was born out of my passion for boho interiors, toys and natural materials. I designed a collection of sustainable rattan dolls furniture and decor, thought and handcrafted to blend into your home, to delight little ones and adults too. 

Our rattan collection is inspired by vintage rattan furniture but with a modern approach. Every little detail has been thought of with children in mind. All kinds of children. To make children with extra needs feel that they belong, and help abled children to see beyond disability. To educate through play, to develop compassion and understanding that people have different challenges. That differences are to be celebrated. I designed our toys based on how they play, and with their safety as a priority. Our rattan range is made with natural sustainable materials and are treated with water based coatings

Little AngelRose rattan collection is a reflection of the deep change that has happened in the recent years. A change in ecological awareness and a change in family life and our relationships with our homes. I believe that surrounding yourself with calming, natural, beautiful objects can have an enormous beneficial effect on your mental health. 

After I had my second girl, I had plan to go back to work but then Covid hit. Lockdown was a time when our minds were so much more focused on family and being together and feeling safe, that really shaped my thinking, and I thought it was a good opportunity to follow my passion.

Our rattan range together with the gorgeous dolls from Spanish brand Miniland and our selection of pretend play toys doll's clothes, we offer items that are durable and timeless. Items that can be passed down from generation to generation.

These are not items that will break and you will have to throw away with resignation. Or toys that your kids will get tired of in a heartbeat. Our products are classic Montessori style pretend play toys that will keep their magic for many years to come.

We bring you items to explore little minds creativity without having to make aesthetic compromises. Items that feel and look luxurious for a beautiful space for children to play.

I really have given this project all my heart and soul, and I couldn't be happier to have you here. I really hope you will love and treasure our products as much as I do.

Thank you for your support! 



At Little Angelrose we believe in buying less and buying better. We believe in investing in what will last and what will always bring you joy. We believe in treating everybody with respect. To pay workers fairly and to provide a safe and ethical work environment.

We believe that inclusion and diversity start at home. That we should be mindful of our environmental impact. That when the parents are happy the children are happy.

That beauty is a balm for the soul. That the house is the heart, the family. We believe in letting go of the things that no longer serve us and doing it mindfully, to make space for the new, because change is the only constant. We thank those objects that served us in the past, for the service they provided and we contribute to the circle passing them on for others to enjoy.

We believe in reusing, reinventing, repurposing and recycling.